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I have always had a fascination and passion for photography. I feel comfortable behind the camera, reproducing and creating memories of what I see. I love to capture the essence of the environment or place I am in and have fun doing it. I enjoy meeting others with similar passions, sharing my knowledge and learning from the experience of others.  

I am an established stock photographer and have been featured at Art Nordic, a photographic exhibition in Copenhagen.


I have been commissioned by real estate agents, undertaken assignments and annual report work for large corporations as well as having numerous photos published on travel and lifestyle websites, interior design feature articles, produced website content and been featured in numerous blog posts.


My portrait work has been published in both Australian and International magazines and assisted models with exposure of their brand.  My portrait portfolio is available on Instagram as "mikeylanephotography"and I am a casting agent for StarNow, an online portal for models, musicians and actors.


In my spare time I spend hours capturing the beauty of Sydney's Northern Beaches and I'm known on Instagram as "thebarefoot_traveller"


I hope what I see and capture will inspire you too and encourage and enrich your own love of photography and the beauty that surrounds us all.


Feel free to contact me at any time with questions about your own photography, I'd love to help. Collectively we are always learning and exploring and I would love to share my photographic journey and passion with you.

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